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Spinning Mill

Spinning Mill, Dindugal

Spinning Mill Dindugal

Spinning unit was started in the year 1989 with the factory at Dindugal Tamilnadu. The unit has a capacity of 39072 spindles and a production capacity of 20 tons of cotton yarn per day. The Unit is Specelizes in the production of 100% cotton yarn for knitting and currently manufactures major counts between Ne 20/1 to 40/1. Strong brand loyalty has been established in major knitting centres like Tirupur, Kolkatta, Kanpur and around 25% of the production is exported to Far East European countries.

The unit is having state of art facility in spinning machinery like blowroom and carding from Truetzchler Germany, comber and drawframe from Rieter Switzerland, Ring Frames with autodoffer from LMW India, Linkconer from Murata Japan and Testing equipments from Uster Switzerland.

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  • Bale Management System for consistent yarn quality.
  • 2 Stage Online Contamination / Polypropylene scanner in Blow room
  • All winding heads in Linkconer equipped with latest Uster Quantum Yarn Cleaners.
  • Online Ring Data System for Spinning, Lab Online for Autoconers.
  • 21600 Spindles of Suessen, Compact Yarn Production.
  • 7200 Spindles of Amsler / Caipo, Slub / Fancy Yarn Production.

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